Want to add more color to your landscape this season? Here are some stunning landscape plant that can get you there.

by Doug Marrin

Sweet Pea

Laura Bartlett/Shutterstock

The bright pastel flowers give a burst of ornamental pastel colors to your landscape. The vine needs something to trail upon to its growth length of about 3 feet tall. Sweet Pea is a Spring bloomer with a sweet fragrance as the name implies.


Oleinik luliia/Shutterstock

Lavender is a beautiful, fragrant workhorse for your landscaping. The flowers are colorful and famously fragrant. The flowers also dry nicely for indoor decor or a potpourri sachet. What isn’t as well known about Lavender is that it repels mosquitos and flies in the garden. Give it lots of sun and well-drained soil and it will almost grow itself.


Juthapad Benjapong/shutterstock

Some of these behemoths can grow up to 10-feet tall! But they come in shorter heights. Pick one that suits your landscaping and you’ll have a stunning exclamation mark punctuating your outdoor style.


Starover Sibiriak/shutterstock

A colorful honeybee favorite. Sedum is good for large swaths of flowerbed. Plant seeds far apart because they’ll need plenty of room to grow and the reward will be a lush, vibrant array of lively color.

Mock Orange

Verkhovynets Taras/Shutterstock

Mock Orange is a 6-8 foot shrub that blooms in late spring. The two-toned flowers add a creamsicle feel to your garden as you head into summer. The citrusy frangrance wafts in and around your yard for a pleasant and refreshing experience.


Luke Miller/OldsmobileTrees

Coralbells are great for those shady places under trees or on the north side of the house or shed. They come in a variety of colors and can be mixed giving more movement to the look. In addition to their colorful foliage, they bloom with bell-shaped flowers in the summer.