Everybody loves to have a place of their own, a hide-a-way where they leave the press of daily routine behind and escape for a bit into a world of their own making.

by Doug Marrin

Enter the “she shed,” a world you can customize exactly how you’ve always wanted without worrying about if the seat is up or down, dirty dishes left out, socks on the floor, or other annoyances.

Instagram has no shortage of great “she sheds”. Here are a few of our favorites to perhaps inspire you when creating your own little refuge.

Rustic and quaint, yes, but the added windows makes it light and airy which is important when looking for a reprieve to lift one’s spirits. This one below is almost a home in itself. All it needs it plumbing!

The one above shows how shrubbery can be used to make your hide-a-way even more hidden. A green barrier can create a strong sense of isolation even with other buildings close by.

Whoa! Where’s the butler? But it only emphasizes the idea that your “she shed” should be designed exactly how you want it to be. It’s a place where you can not only relax, but pretend for a bit your world is a different place.


It doesn’t have to be over the top fancy, unless you want it that way. Simply painting it your favorite color goes a long way in giving your place that homey feeling that helps you relax.

A trailer! Why not?

You don’t have to break the bank necessarily. Take an old shed and convert it slowly over time into the place you escape for a bit.

But if budget allows, go for it! Hire a contractor and get ‘er done! Build something you can brag about and show all your jealous relatives pictures of on your phone.

Whatever you decide, find a way to give yourself a break. Life’s short. Take plenty of breaths.