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Instead of a chore, think “me time”, solitude, creative outlet, and completion satisfaction.

by Kristy Smith-Dupree

We often approach yardwork as another thing to tick off the checklist working our way towards what we really want to be doing. In our rush and reluctance to get it done, we may be overlooking the benefits landscaping our home can give us.

Enjoy the Mow

Hey, nobody bothers you while you mow. Nobody texts and mows. You are totally unplugged. And who doesn’t find the smell of fresh-cut grass therapeutic? It’s right up there with “that new car smell” when it comes to smells that make people happy.

If your yard is large enough, invest in a really good, trouble-free riding mower and enjoy your time unplugged and alone. Grooming the grass has the same satisfactory level as getting a haircut, only on a much larger scale. You’re neat and well-groomed, ready to show off.

Plant Some Flowers

It doesn’t take many flowers to brighten up your yard. The process of choosing, planting, and caring for flowers is therapeutic in itself, but the presence of flowers also enhances other yardwork. While mulching, mowing, or pruning, who can resist taking frequent breaks to admire their own colorful flowers?

Clean It Up

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Similar to mowing, it is the same great feeling when you get cleaned up for a night out, only on a larger scale. Anytime you exert order over chaos a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is the result which makes us feel better about ourselves. Get yourself some fun tools that you enjoy using and enjoy the time!

Go Big At Home

Rent some equipment and change the entire look of your yard. When you’re finished it can feel in many ways like you’ve got yourself a new home for a small fraction of the cost. Like other landscaping projects, it is a large scale burst of creative energy that is as therapeutic as it is rewarding.

So make your plans, large or small. Get yourself some good tools that are hassle free and turn what was formerly a chore and hassle into an enjoyable and rewarding activity. In addition to feeling good about what you’ve done, your family and friends will have plenty of good things to say about it as well.