Home consultation for appliances, entertainment, and security? That’s crazy talk. But not so fast. It could be the best move you’ve made in awhile.

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By Joran Vandenberg

At first it may seem counterintuitive to have a stranger come in and tell you what to put into the home that only you know best, but consulting is about “fit”, not dictation. Home consultation takes your wishes, dreams and desires and through a mediary who understands the other side of the equation – what’s available, what’s possible, and how things work – make a match that will leave you satisfied and happy.

Let’s keep it clear and concise. Here are a few reasons you may want to take advantage of a home consultation next time you’re looking to change up your home appliances and entertainment.


Advisers make personalized recommendations in the comfort of your own home. Instead of going to the store and imagining what an appliance may look like back at home, it’s easier to envision the change right on the spot where it will be used.

There is no obligation to buy anything and if they’re smart, no pressure from the adviser. After looking at your home’s layout, they’ll make recommendation about Wi-Fi, smart home technology, appliances, home theater or whatever you may be interested in.

If a deal is reached, your in-home adviser can coordinate deliveries and installations and follow-up on any hiccups in the process. Tired of talking to machines and other countries when you have a problem? Your in-home adviser is a real person at the other end of the phone working for you.

An in-home adviser is a single point of contact for the whole process, like have your own personal agent who is familiar and experienced in the home appliance and entertainment landscape.

How an In-Home Consultation Works

  • Find a store that offers in-home consultation and schedule a visit.
  • Have the consultation and discuss your dreams and options.
  • The in-home adviser formulates your customized plan.
  • Love it, or leave it. If you love it and move ahead, your adviser takes it from there and you relax.

Get the Most for Money You’re Going to Spend Anyway

If you’re looking for appliances, an adviser will help you discover the latest tech innovations. They will find styles, features and finishes to suit your taste and measure your space so you get the right size.

If home entertainment is what you’re interested in, they will help design an ideal entertainment space, including a 4K TV, help you cut the cord on cable and satellite TV, and send music around your home and stream video to devices.

If you’re looking to move forward into the smart home movement, an in-home adviser will show you how to keep an eye on your home with smart doorbells and cameras, control room temp and lighting with your voice, and analyze your Wi-Fi and find ways to improve it.

With the ubiquity of technology pervading all facets of life more and more and more and more, we need help showing us just how to handle it. Make it easy. Get an adviser.