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by Kristy Smith-Dupree

Everything is getting smarter these days. Smart technology has moved out of our phones and into our appliances. Alexa is managing our household affairs. With the inside of the home securely under the watchful eye of our phone screen, more and more people are giving thought to smart technology outside of the home in the form of home security systems.

As technology advances, appliances often come down in price. Such is the case with home security systems. Advanced technology has reduced bulky equipment, electrical lines, the need for central monitoring, and even professional installation.

The Ring doorbell is the culmination of such evolution. It is a smart doorbell that alerts homeowners when they have company. More than a doorbell, it is also a surveillance camera for folks to view activity outside their door. It has a two-way talk feature that allows those inside to communicate with those outside.

Ring got its start as a smart doorbell company, but they astutely evolved into other home security products over time. The company has built upon their usage of video doorbells and started developing natural complements to this equipment. Home security cameras and a comprehensive security system are the result of this work.

Ring products work without a monthly subscription or you can choose a low-cost premium plan for additional features. The upfront cost is more than many security companies as these plans don’t include any hardware, but the price balances out in the long-run.

The Ring app is available on more platforms than many home security apps, including mobile and desktop devices. DIY installation is straightforward and dual power options for many of the products ensure that the home security system is always available.

The Ring system is easy to set up. It is designed for DIY installation, but in the case of hardwired equipment, you may want to consider bringing in an expert so everything is properly connected to the existing wiring.

The Ring app is intuitive and streamlined. Moving between Ring devices, accessing stored videos, watching the live cameras and communicating with two-way talk is easy.

Ring offers a home security system with a variety of accessories and configuration options. You don’t need the monthly service plan to use Ring devices, but the plans are affordable if you so choose. Ring doesn’t have a lot of advanced security features, so it’s best if you’re looking for a bare bones system with a few unique features.